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The decision to end your marriage is one that will change the lives of you, your spouse, and your children forever. Despite this reality, many people attempt to handle the process on their own, often leading to costly mistakes and months of tension & stress. At The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law, we know how complicated a divorce can be and the difference a knowledgeable lawyer can make. We have the experience and skill to provide reliable, cost-effective representation in all divorce-related proceedings.

The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law have been working together to provide top quality legal services to individuals and families in southwest Michigan for more than 30 years. Our vast experience means that we have seen it all, and we are equipped to handle a wide variety of divorce cases ranging from straightforward, uncontested divorces to hotly-contested cases requiring courtroom litigation. We will remain at your side, keeping you and your best interests as our top priorities.

Michigan Is A “No-Fault” Divorce State

The term “no-fault” is misleading, because fault isn’t a factor if the parties reach a settlement on all issues. Which means that all divorces are granted on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Fault considerations such as infidelity and abuse, however, may be taken into consideration by the court when determining property division and spousal support, if there is evidence for such allegations.

However, if there are disputes about spousal support, property division, child support, parenting time, or custody, a judge may consider a party’s behavior in deciding how to settle the disputes.
Almost all divorce cases are settled, which means that the parties reach an agreement that is placed on the court record. Once recorded, an agreement is extremely difficult to change. Never agree to something you don’t understand or feel forced into. Your consent must be voluntary.

At The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law, we will work diligently to develop reasonable, cooperative divorce settlements whenever possible. We believe that most divorce cases can be resolved through negotiation and compromise by both spouses. We understand how to utilize mediation whenever possible, but we also know that sometimes, cooperation is simply not possible. That is why we are also prepared to put our experience on your side if it is necessary to take your matter to court.

Child Custody & Parenting Time Attorneys

Divorcing parents are often extremely concerned about the well-being of their children following the split. At The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law, we proudly work with mothers and fathers in creating parenting plans that afford both parents the opportunity to foster healthy, loving relationships with their children. A strong parenting agreement also encourages a supportive, co-parenting relationship between the adults, regardless of the issues that may have ended the marriage. We realize that a child custody and parenting time plan must be based on what is best for the child, but we also understand the importance of protecting parents' rights.
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