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In Michigan, most people have the right to carry firearms. Some individuals who have been convicted of crimes, though, cannot legally own or possess a gun, and if they are caught with a weapon in their possession, they may be charged with a crime. Additionally, even people without criminal pasts can be charged with weapons-related offenses in certain circumstances. A conviction for a gun crime can greatly affect a person’s rights and reputation, and it is wise for anyone charged with a weapons offense to speak to The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law as soon as possible. We are dedicated criminal defense lawyers, and if you are charged with a gun crime, we can assess the circumstances surrounding your arrest and craft effective defenses to provide you with a strong chance of a favorable outcome.

At The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law, we know how serious gun crime accusations are. Some can be charged as misdemeanors, but most are charged as felonies. That means those who are convicted can face multiple years, decades, or even life in prison. The stakes are high when you’re charged with a gun crime, so don’t settle for an overburdened public defender or a less experienced private attorney.

The Law Offices of Mais & Sible has more than 30 years of combined experience advocating for clients accused of firearms offenses, such as the following common charges:

  • Reckless Discharge of a Firearm
  • Possessing a Firearm on Prohibited Premises
  • Brandishing a Firearm in Public
  • Intentionally Discharging a Firearm Aimed without Malice
  • Felony Firearm Possession
  • Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
  • Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • Possession or Transport of a Stolen Firearm

Did You Use a Firearm in Self-Defense?

There are 2 important self-defense laws in Michigan:

Stand Your Ground: Protects the use of lethal force only if someone is in danger of serious bodily injury, sexual assault, or death. Under these circumstances, killing someone who is attacking you or someone else can be justified under the law.

The Castle Doctrine: A legal defense that states someone may use lethal force against an intruder within their home, car, or business. They must fear they are in imminent danger of serious bodily harm, sexual assault, or death because the other person is trying to break into the property or is already inside and about to commit a felony.

Both of these laws are only intended to protect people, not their property. For example, you can’t use deadly force to stop someone from breaking into your car if you are inside your home, but you may be justified in doing so if that person decides to break into your home as well.

Get Serious Legal Experience on Your Side

A criminal conviction can result in imprisonment and fines and may affect many aspects of a person’s life. If you are faced with weapons charges, it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law knows what it takes to obtain a successful result, and if you hire us, we will diligently pursue the best outcome possible under the facts of your case.  The Law Offices of Mais & Sible, Attorneys at Law defends people in gun crime cases throughout Southwest Michigan.  Call us today for an appointment.

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